Contacting musescore

• Mar 12, 2024 - 11:50

I have a problem with my account, how can I get in touch with Musescore.

I have been trying for several days to get some sense or a proper reply from the online chat for help but i just go round in circles, waiting ages for a reply and then the reply askes the same questions as previously.
What is the point of such a useless chat service.

I have emailed support at but not received a reply.

Can anyone help please


"I have emailed support at but not received a reply."
Well, is the correct (and only) email for support about your account on

"Can anyone help please"
Here on we are all just users (not staff) - so nobody here can help you. Sorry!

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I have wasted several days trying that. I follow the prompts and get a response saying I will get a reply in 12 hours ( 24 hours on 1 occasion) but the only reply I get is the same response as previous. When I follow the prompts again I get yet another message saying I will get a response in 12 hours and this sequence just continues and i can't get anywhere with it.

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