Problem with formatting for printing

• Mar 14, 2024 - 00:29

I have a piece where everything (font size, size of notes and staves, text) are all small and appear on the top 2/3 of the page. When I print it, same thing. It's not usable because it's impossible to read. I need to use it soon, so any help is greatly appreciated.


You have set the Scaling very low which results in a small score. You have added a page break which causes - well, a page break - so there is nothing printed below that on the page. Did you do this deliberately or have you downloaded a score?

Use menu item: Format > Page settings... and click the button 'Reset all page settings to default' (located at the bottom left).
This will restore the default scaling and make the score readable. (You can change it back to something less tiny, if desired.)
Delete all the page breaks and system breaks, then layout the score to your liking.

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