Multi-Measure Rest Length

• Dec 1, 2009 - 06:05


I was wondering if you could come up with a way to change the length of a multi-measure rest (ie stretch or shrink it) similar to the way lines are moved, thanks


Multi-measure rests work just the same as other measures. Use the standard methods to stretch or shrink it. Add a break or select the multi-measure rest and go to Layout > Add Measure Stretch.

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sorry but not sure I understand how to make a multi-bar rest
I was wondering how to make a three bar rest for example
I wasn't able to stretch the whole rest
I wasn't able to find the info in the manual
thanks in advance

also, is it possible to make a measure 'repeat' sign i.e. a slash with two dots on either side of it?

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doh! sorry I was looking in the wrong place
thanks for pointing that out :)

but I'm still not getting the multi-measure rest

I'm able to make a multi measures but when I do try to make ONLY a mm rest between bar 1 and bar 7
it also creates multi-measure rests AFTER the 7th measure

I would expect the behavior to be as follows:
select 'n' number of empty bars you want to create a multi-measure rest for
select the rest symbol in the palette or menu bar
and voila an 'n' number measure rest is created only where you specified


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I had a problem with the stretch on multiple bar rests. I had two in succession, the break being for a change from intro to verse 1, and they appeared as separate systems, one bar in each. I wanted to shrink them into a single system but reducing the stretch had no effect. However, the next time I opened the program they were on one system.

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