Is MuseScore free or not?

• Mar 14, 2024 - 04:31

While searching for music notation software, I saw the link to MuseScore claiming to be open source and free. Even better, it has a user forum. So I registered an account so I could ask questions here. But when I clicked on the Forum link, I got a page with all kinds of offers that appear to be for purchasing a Pro version.

So what's the deal? Is MuseScore free or not?

I am not averse to paying for a quality product. But I am averse to marketing shenanigans that lure you in with a bait and switch tactic.

If there are two different versions, where can I read about the differences and what the cost of the Pro version is?



There is only one version of the MuseScore desktop notation software.
This is where you get the free, full-featured version:
There is no 'Pro' version of the notation software.
Starting in 2024, the software will be called MuseScore Studio.

You are presently at the website. This site answers questions and troubleshoots problems related to the (free) music notation software.
There are various forums:
Our conversation is taking place in the "General discussion" forum. Welcome aboard!

If you are interested in obtaining sheet music from the music-sharing social platform,, then a subscription fee may be necessary if you wish to download copyrighted scores:….
The website can also be used for free but with limited functionality - scores in the public domain can be downloaded without a subscription, as well as original compositions that the owner may make available.
For example, here's a public domain score you can download for free, when signed in with your free membership:
The above score can be downloaded in various formats such as a pdf file, as an audio file (mp3), or as a file (mscz) which can be opened in the MuseScore desktop software - where it can be played, edited, transposed, printed, etc.
Most of the other scores on can be viewed - even copyrighted ones - with your free membership.

If you are looking for a free, open-source music notation software you came to the right place.
Plus, the support here at .org is outstanding!

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Thanks for that detailed reply.

I downloaded the software, now I just need to learn how to use it.

I see that there are a lot of YouTube tutorials. I will watch the tomorrow.

My immediate need is for fake book style scores. That is, just the treble clef and the chords on top. Is there a tutorial that addresses anything like that?


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