Big space between staves cannot be adjusted

• Mar 22, 2024 - 23:31

Friends, there are several bugs with 4 that are making my life hard. I cannot figure out how to shrink the large space between line 1 and line 2. As you can see, the spacing between the other lines in normal. Messing with the style, page, max system distance, lyric distance etc, does absolutely nothing to move it. This is happening in multiple scores, and there are no invisible lyrics or spaces that I can find. This never happened in musescore3. What can I do?

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That picture is not very helpful. It could be that there is something outside that picture that is forcing a greater distance between the first two staves. It is much easier to help if you attach the score itself (the .mscz file) so that someone can see, not only the whole picture, but also what settings are in force.

"What can I do?"

  1. Attach your score (.mscz file) here, as suggested above.
  2. View your score in Continuous View. Sometimes this helps to reveal misplaced elements.
  3. If you haven't moved or repositioned too many elements manually, you can try:
    Ctrl+A (select all) followed by Ctrl+R (reset all)

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after hitting ok, I deleted the syllable and nothing happened. However, when I went back to enter a syllable in in invisible lines, and pressed the forward button to scroll through the line, it finally disappeared. So I had to go an extra step, but at least we have a solution. You, sir, are a musescore wizard. Thank you

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