Noticeable gap between two whole notes

• Mar 24, 2024 - 07:52

For a long time I have noticed that there is a noticeable space between two whole notes when they are on the same note. This is only if the two notes are different voices.

In Finale, it doesn't matter if the two notes are the same voice or different voices, the notes are properly tight together.

If you change the stem direction of one of the notes, the gap closes.

I wonder if the head developers are aware of this? Maybe I should report it. It's quite annoying.

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OTOH it happens also with other durations, when they have different stem directions (and durations, else they'd just share the notehead):
Not if they use the same direction (looks lie they share a stem)
So this might be by design and some minimal note distance setting?

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OK, I'll report it, but now I'm afraid that they'll just say it's by design, and will close the issue without investigating it further.

According to Behind Bars, pages 52 and 53, Elaine Gould says that notes of different durations should have a small space, like you showed in your examples. But she doesn't mention what should be done for two stemless notes, like whole notes. And in the example she does give of two whole notes, it looks to me like there is no space, though she doesn't explicitly say there should not be.

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