Formatting parts via a "style"

• Mar 30, 2024 - 22:05

Hi all
I've created my score (for Big Band) so I "only" have 17 parts to format. Is there a way to make all the parts look the "same" after creating say Alto 1.
By look the same I do not mean Titles Headers and Footers and fonts etc.. I am ok with those applying to all parts.
I mean e.g. all bars with a rehearsal mark in them to be at the beginning of the line.
eg only 8 staves per page
eg the top line of each page to 'line up'
I realise that there would still be work to be done on other parts but it would save tremendous amounts of time. I can't imagine doing it for a symphonic score!

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Sorry to be a nuisance but....
I have downloaded the Plugin you suggested. It is enabled (see attached screenshot). When back in the score (on the part that I have formatted to my satisfaction) I click on the Plugins dropdown menu, click "Apply layout breaks to parts" ... nothing happens. I'd appreciate you pointing out the error of my ways.

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