Do Github bug reports ever fall through the cracks?

• Apr 1, 2024 - 09:17

I have posted several bug reports over the last week to Github, and there has been no response from any of the developers, just other users confirming the issues. One of them is quite serious, and in my opinion should be considered for 4.3 (or 4.3.1 if there will be one): Do these reports ever fall through the cracks and never get looked at again?


It's not at all unusual that it might take more than a few days to triage a new bug report.

The issue you mention is a nuisance but hardly anything critical - just takes but one extra click once per day per score to work around. Not saying it shouldn't be looked at, but priorty-wise, it isn't something I'd personally pprioritize all that highly compared to dozens of others. So I think the developers are probably just focusing their effort on those more serious issues for now while trying to get a beta of 4.3 together.

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Well, it's a MuseScore 4 regression (it didn't exist in 4.2), so pretty serious to me. But anyway, the developers have now looked at it, and they have given it a P1 ranking, which, as I understand, is pretty high. So they must be in agreement with me on its seriousness. Plus, thankfully, it's now been added to the list of things to fix for 4.3.

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