Showing additional part crashes MS4 - workaround?

• Apr 4, 2024 - 18:46

So about this new way to make split parts - according to the manual I can open a part and then toggle visibility for another part. Musescore instantly crashes when I try to do so however :(

I'll attach the score in question, which is an old handwritten arrangement I'm transcribing. The flute is mostly one part but splits in two passanges early on, so I wanted to have flute 2 showing only when necessary. The only workaround I can come up with is having only the flute parts visible in the score, but then it says "Fl." at the start of each system and I can't find anywhere to toggle that off/edit visibility.

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One way, depending on what your goal is, would be to range select the two flute parts in the score. Then use Implode. Now both parts are on one staff. You can either hide the second flute part or delete it. Then rename the part to "Flutes" in Staff Properties.

Or you can select a measure of the 2nd flute and right click>Staff properties and change "hide when empty" to "Always". That will only show the 2nd part only when it has notes.

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  1. I would have had them as two voices in one part if it didn't become quite illegible when I do that :/

  2. Not at my computer now so I can't check - I suspect however that it won't solve the issue with the part name at the start of each system?

My goal is to have it look somewhat like the original part (attached)

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Yes, exactly. MS crashed when I tried to set that up :(

But also - any idea if it's possible to get rid of the instrument name at the start of each system? It's not a huge issue in this piece since it's not very large but I'd love to know if there's a way!

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Right-click on empty space in a measure, then click on Staff/Part Properties. Under Part Properties, you can change "Instrument", "Long instrument name", and "Short instrument name". Simply delete the value in "Long instrument name" and "Short instrument name".

I should have explained how I got my result. I didn't try to add to the 1st flute part. I created a new instrument in the Parts tab. I Then made visible the two flute parts. Select a measure of flute 2. right click to get to staff properties. Change "Hide when empty" to Always. Select 'Apply" then OK. You can move this new part up to the top and make the original parts invisible or delete them. I might be tempted to leave them for future reference. But that might also complicate changes. It just depends.

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