Is it possible to soften the SOUND of the PIANO ?

• Apr 16, 2024 - 16:22

Hello, I find that the sound of the piano is effective for dynamic pieces, but the touch is too percussive for soft passages (ballads, nocturnal songs, etc.).
Of course the signs >mp, p, pp, ppp modify the sound volume level but the attack of the notes always remains the same whatever the nuances indicated.
Is there a simple way to modify the pressure on the keys and obtain a softer touch without losing the sustain (resonance length) of the note played? Thanks

Bonjour de France ;)


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ok thank you, the sound is indeed softer in the attack however it lacks clarity, it has too much bass (lack of treble), I can't find muse fx eq, there is no display of this function in my mixer, although before it was there. How to display the fx eq function?

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If you downloaded EQ from the Hub, then you still have it. However, if you had to reset MuseScore, it might not show. Open the mixer. Below the the "Sound" of each channel should be a place for "Audio FX". If so, mouse over the left part and select your EQ. If not, select the 3 dots at the extreme right of the mixer>View and check what you need.

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