Swapping lyric lines

• Apr 29, 2024 - 17:14

Is it possible to swap round lines of lyrics, rather than having to retype all the words again? Once one verse is written the default seems to be that the 2nd verse goes beneath the 1st verse. If I changed my mind over the order of verses is there a quick way of swapping it round? Thank you.


Right-click a syllabe/lyric let's say Verse 1 -> Select -> More : tick "same subtype" (Verse 1) / Ok
In Properties panel, at "Set to verse", click (the small triangle) to change to number 2.

This is how it works in MuS 3:

  • Right-click on a lyric word and choose "Select -> more... - Same subtype". All lyrics of this verse will be selected.
  • go to the properties and select a new verse number. The selected verse moves up or down and swaps with that which was originally there.

It should be similar in MuS 4.

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