Layout and spacing advice

• May 5, 2024 - 13:28

Moving to the next level of engraving:

I've noticed that--on pages which comfortably hold three systems, for example, but not four--the first system is flush against the top margin, but there is often a gap between the last system and the bottom margin. Even with Ms4's "Greatly improved spacing and layout algorithms." Now, this can easily remedied using system spacers; but I was just wondering, is this a standard practice in professional music engraving, just one I've never noticed? (Pages 4 vs. 5 on the attached file.)

Any advice from those more experienced than I would be gratefully accepted.


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Normally music is vertically justified, so that the top and bottom staves are (more or less) in the same position on each page.

In the attached file this is turned off, but if turned on (Style > Score > Enable vertical justification of staves) - and if the unnecessary spacers are removed - this is exactly what will happen.

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