converting first measure into a pick up measure of an existing score

• May 11, 2024 - 03:06

Notwithstanding many, many attempts I cannot right click the initial measure and get anything but a blue border around that measure. (Did not click on a note or a rest in the measure but only in a blank space within the measure.) There is no resulting menu that appears, thus no way to click on the upper left corner of any menu or anywhere else that takes me to "Measure properties" where I can manipulate "Actual duration".

I have been wrestling with this for more than two weeks, prior Forum folks have been helpful and I am very appreciative of their time and efforts to guide me. But I simply don't get anything but a blue colored first measure when I click on open space in the first measure. (Yes, I make the pick portion of the first measure the first notes of the measure and the rest of the space shows up as rests.)


Yes, when you click on a measure, it "selects" the measure and shows it blue to indicate 'this measure is currently selected'. This is the equivalent of highlighting a word in MS Word or a cell in MS Excel. You need to right-click on the measure to get the menu I talked about.

I can see you're having problems. If you'd like I can email you and we can arrange to talk on the phone or something? (I see your email as your "handle", but I won't contact you unless you want me to do so.)

Are you left-handed and have swapped the mouse buttons accordingly?
Then of course you have to use the other mouse button ...

Try this.
If you are using Windows, after the measure has the blue box around it, press SHIFT+F10. That's the keyboard equivalent of a mouse right click. There is a Mac procedure that is a bit more involved.

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