Small footprint big notes for marching

• May 22, 2024 - 13:46

I am at a marching band and I need my sheets as small as possible but with big enough notes and stuff so I can read it while marching.
I have tinkered with some settings and the size of the page is nice but there is unused space that could be used fr bigger notes. I will attach the file in case you can see any possible solutions!
Thank you


Do you really plan on marching with A4 paper? I have changed it to A5, reduced the margins and increased the scale.

I played in a UK brass band and a lot of marches have the instrument name left as in the second file. Generally the bottom margin is not made too small to avoid obscuring music with your lyre (the little clip that holds the music)

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This is a question that comes up occasionally in the Finale forum. I wonder if someone could create a template that would be sized to a common marching band chart (if there is such a thing as "common") with preset staff and note sizing.

I found some settings that looks fine for me.
On page settings I put 30mm margin left and right and staff space(sp) 1.5mm
Also on Style > Page I selected "Disable vertical justification of staves" and played with min max system distance so it matches with my part.
If anyone knows how I can make this a template I will happily upload it for future use

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