How do I make a time signature with the symbol of the note instead of the number at the bottom?

• May 24, 2024 - 09:22

I would like to have a time signature where the top is a number like usual and the bottom is a symbol of the note used for one beat, like this:

I would like to use it in my notation because it seems more direct and conceptually simpler. Apart from that, it is used by Carl Orff and in some textbooks. Source:


Nice concept. (Just sorry that I can't offer a solution but I'm sure that someone will and I will make use of it in my scores).

You can fake it but it's a bit of a faf:

Create a "real" time signature, such as 3/8
Add 1/8 to the first bar's Actual duration
Right-click on the time signature and change its text to 3/
Add a quaver, flip it
Go into the Properties tab and turn off auto-place for the 3 and move it to a suitable place
Change properties for the quaver in a similar way and also make it non-playing

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