can't go to next beat after entering Roman Numeral

• May 25, 2024 - 00:38

Musescore 4:

I've created a new score that uses slashes. I'm using a keyboard shortcut that I've created for entering Roman numerals, but after I hit enter for that Roman numeral I have to use the mouse to select the next slash. Is there anyway to do that using keystrokes? I've searched the form for an answer but I haven't been able to find one. If this has already been covered you can just point me to the answer.




Step 4 says, "Move the cursor forward or backwards to continue entering or editing symbols for other chords;" I would have guessed that means to use the right- or left-arrow key ... until I actually tried it.

Turns out that the keyboard commands for entering chord symbols work: space moves forward, Shift+space moves backward, Ctrl+right arrow moves forward to the beginning of the next measure, and Ctrl+left arrow to the beginning of the previous measure. (I would assume that the other controls for entering chords will work too, but I don't know them off the top of my head; have to look them up every time I actually need one :-)


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More significant details that I left out:

I'm using a Logitech MK270 PC keyboard on a macbook pro, so this further complicates things. I've discovered that the 'menu' key (image of a page with horizontal lines) between the alt and ctrl keys to the right of the space bar combined with with right or left arrow key moves to the next or previous beat, but once I enter the roman numeral and hit the enter key I've lost the keyboard focus - the slash selected for the roman numeral placement goes from blue to black.

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You definitely do not use Enter to move to the next chord. It used to be Tab but that has been reserved for certain other tasks. Command+right/left arrow ought to move to the next/previous measure. Space and Shift+Space should be moving to the next/previous note. Semicolon ( ; ) to the next beat. Colon ( : ) to the previous beat.

I don't know why the keyboard would have anything to do with it, though I suppose the OS could. But according to other Mac users, it doesn't. Sorry, I'm puzzled.

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