Pizzicato voicing for strings

• Jun 14, 2024 - 09:13

Ok guys ... I am still on 4.2.... and I just decided I want to set my string section to 'pizzicato', but no matter how I try ... even following the instructions in Add ..Text .. blah blah blah ... all I get is an option to adjust Swing settings. Can someone please tell me .. simply and precise;y how I get to set my Violins, Violas and Cellos to 'Pizzicato' and then set them back when I am done. Also the mixer no longer seems to show the arco, pizz, tremolo selection for volume control any more .. why? I miss the simple old system.



It's the same system, best I recall.

Enter the notes you want the violin to play normally. At the point you want pizzicato to start, enter at least one note. (I usually enter all the pizzicato notes, and then add both pizz. and arco at the same time.)

Select the first note that is to be played pizz.. At the left, open the Palettes tab and the Text palette. You will have both pizz. and arco available. If you do not see them in the palette, click the More button at the bottom of the palette and you'll see them there, as well as other violin techniques. (I know that pizz. and arco both affect playback; I don't know about any of the others.)

If you don't see them in the More box, you may have inadvertently deleted them from the palette. I know you can reset the palettes somehow, but I don't know how. :-) Sorry!

Good luck!!!

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Thank you so much ... It works just as you have said. I am surprised they actually made something easier to do in this version, though somewhat confusing. I was stuck with the old system of Add... Text... Stave text ,,, Then right click on the word pizz and select Stave text and choose the Voice and Style pizz, arco etc). I never imagined they would make it as simple as select 'pizz' from the palette (though that might have worked with the old one too. I honestly never just tried that).

You have been very helpful.

Thank you

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