Play back volumes

• Jun 16, 2024 - 13:30

PP is good. MP is too loud. P is good. MF is good.
You have an issue with the MP volume.

In another part of the Track. P is good but MF is too loud....with nothing in between.
Thank you


Please attach the score you are having trouble with, and say which notes specifically you believe are subjectively louder or softer than a professional musician would play them. be sure to have your speakers turned up to the same volume a real instrument would be when making this determination - that is, the actual SPL (measured in decibels) of a note played "ff" should be the same for the actual instrument as for the sound coming out of your speaker at any given distance. Then you can accurately judge the relative volume levels from there.

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There is no “if” about it - of course mp is louder than p. The second image you show confirms this, or just anyone who has taken music lessons, or check any reputable website.

It looks from your first image like you have customized your palette to place mp before p. Not sure if you did that on purpose because you mistakenly though mp was supposed to be quieter than p, or if you just accidentally dragged one of those markings out of position. Anyhow, you can fix it by clicking the “…” icon and then choosing “Reset palette”. This will put things back the way they were before you customized it - in the correct order “… p, mp, mf, f, …”

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