Informazione Sincronizzazione Programma

• Jun 16, 2024 - 22:03

I would like to know how I can continue my composition work on another device..

You should know that I have always written 🎼 from home with my desktop computer 🖥️ and I recently bought a laptop 💻 because I am out of town 4 days a week for studies and I would like to be able to continue my work on musescore 🎶 in sync 🏠🌐🏫.
How can I do?

I would like to continue, correct, arrange, modify etc. my compositions in sync even from outside the home and I would like to know from you how I can do it.
For example: if I remove 3 musical notes from home on a desktop computer I would like them to be removed automatically on the laptop I have in another city, so when I'm away from home I can continue working on them starting from the latest saves.


Use some cloud service, lobe Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, on both computers to sync the directory with your scores.
I've been using for this since about a decade

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