Bug in version 4.3.2

• Jun 17, 2024 - 07:38

I want to install version 4.3.2 in Windows 7 but after installing and clicking on the icon it displays the following message as shown in the picture. I think the new version is not compatible with Windows 7 while version 3.6.1 was fully compatible. Please make the versions you provide compatible with Windows 7.
Thank you

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It is true that Microsoft no longer supports Windows 7, but millions of people (perhaps several hundred million people) in the world still use Windows 7, many because of the user interface and many because of the poor hardware system.
I installed the version you said but I want to use the updated version. It is better for administrators and programmers to install and use this free and lightweight program for those who have Windows 7. Support Windows 7 for at least one more year and stop this support later.

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I have been using Windows 7 for years and I have no problems with Windows 7 and it works great. It does not have any malware and I have never been attacked by hackers because I have a strong antivirus installed with a strong firewall. Even Windows 10 or 11 is attacked by hackers. Windows 7 is Microsoft's most popular Windows, and even with Windows 10 and 11, several hundred million people still have Windows 7, and Microsoft decided to force them to Windows 10 or 11 and decided not to update browsers, but We also saw that most of them stayed on Windows 7 and recently Firefox and Chrome browsers of the latest version for Windows 7 were released by github users.
The presence of several hundred million Windows 7 users is a huge asset that should not be ignored. They never change their Windows, but go for another software that is compatible with Windows 7.

I hope managers, programmers and decision makers pay attention to these comments. Many people have Windows 7 and after seeing that one software doesn't work, they go to the next one, but I wanted to send a message to the managers not to lose this great investment.

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Undoubtedly, this 3% is a false report. The number of Windows 7 users in the world is more than Windows 10 and 11 if we consider the total population of the world.
At least bring the software to an evolution in a year or two and then work on new features for Windows 10, 11 or 12. Version 3.6.1 has a lot of bugs and is not standard in any way.

It is not a bug, but a concious decision. Either stay on Mu3 (but update to 3.6.2 and/or 3.7 Evolution) or update to Windows 10 or 11. Or switch to Linux.

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