Getting different staves at different magnifications

• Dec 2, 2009 - 22:54

Is there any way to have different staves appear at different magnifications? For example, in accompaniment parts, it's traditional to have the solo line at about 80% size and the accompaniment at full size, since the accompanist just needs to refer to the solo line, not actually read it.

Can you scale each staff independently, or is Scale just a per-page setting that affects all staves?


P.S. Terrific program. I've used both Finale and Sibelius before, and am *loving* MuseScore.


Right click on an empty part of a staff, choose "Staff Properties". Add a checkmark next to "Small". Press "OK" to see the results.

The "small" staff is 70% by default. To change the default go to Style > Edit Style > Sizes

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