Part names in header/footer

• Oct 16, 2014 - 23:23

Is there a way to show partnames on header or footer - without typing them all again?

To have the partname in header or footer is a significant thing for identification
of all pages following page 1 (which indicates it already).

As best solution I think of a meta-tag $:partName:
created in the list of meta-tags during parts were defined - carrying the recent partname.


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Sorry - but can not find a suitable tag in existing parts or a special symbol therefore.
The list of 'Available tags with their current values' shows some informations for pages and dates and the copyright but no partname.

Or did I oerlook anything?
Running Win 8.1 and musescore-889dc16

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As said several times: the partname is there already, by default, on every part in the lower left corner of the title Frame, in 2.0 and the later nighlies. Even in 1.x!

Check with a right-click into a measure, staff properties. There under Part Properties you can see/set the partname, the Instrument and thje long and short Instrument names.
I'm not really shure which of those it takes and in what order to populate the corresponding entry in the part's title frame

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Jojo , there is no crash with musescore - just a missing function in header/footer.

It dont help me to define a new metatag (into the main sore) beceause this new tag is fix and could not have the entry I need. The recent partname should be already loaded in the software - for each part if I print out parts.

What do you think about my request?

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. . . just tried latest Nightly

. . . did I overlook anything ??? - please advice.

To define a new "meta tag" makes only sence for me
if there is the recent partname - already existing - and imparted as an information.

To type all partnames manually into the header/footer is just a troublesome makeshift.

Use of a meta-tag is not needed.
Format/Style/Header Footer
"built in" $i and $I put part name on header/footer of a part (but not, of course, on score)
Part names can be shown on each staff/stave in a score via :
right click a staff then
Stave/Part Property/Part properties boxes Long instrument Name/Short instrument name. The former appear at the beginning of the piece, the latter each subsequent line.

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