XML import from Finale 2012 causes Musescore to crash

• Oct 17, 2014 - 09:32

Importing the attached XML file produced by Finale 2012 causes 1e68b44 to crash.

It imports fine in Musescore 1.3. The resulting 1.3 mscz file then opens fine in 1e68b44.

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2_Marias_Kirchgang.xml 255.34 KB
musescore_crash.txt 81.87 KB


It works by opening your file via the 1.3, saving in xml format (with the 1.3 always), and reopening this "new" xml. file, with the Beta1 or a recent Nightly.
I do not know more.

The problem comes from a fingering attached to a rest (well, actually two fingerings attached to two rests, in measure number 0 and 18).
When trying to add the fingering to the note, the crash is due to the fact that there are no notes inside a rest element.

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