Musescore 2.0 Midi/PDF

• Oct 19, 2014 - 20:29

How do I create Midi files and PDF Files on Musescore when I use export and select where I want them, I press save and, then nothing happens the files aren't where I saved them to and they are not any where else.


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Are you *sure* you are selecting the folder you think you are selecting? Can you post a screenshot of the dialog just before you press "Save"? And you are giving ther file the proper extension, and you are not using the option in Vista to hide known file extension?

I am having the same problems. I don't see an option to save as .PDF or .MID It was simple enough in version 1. I tried to export as '.mid and got a message that said the file was successfully created. But it's not there!

Several days cleaning up my score, and now I can't get a PDF. Should have stayed with version 1.

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In 1.3, File / Save as - shows the file types (pdf, mid, etc).

In 2.0, use menu item: File / Export - where you can 'Save as type' by expanding the drop down box and choosing from among the various file formats.


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Right - to be clear, 2.0 follows the more-or-less universal standard that "Save As" is only for saving in a format native to the progrsam. To convert to a non-native format like PDF, you use the "Export" menu. Aside from that, the process is exactly the same - and exactly as simple - as in 1.3.

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Looks like you are using the option in Windows to hide extensions for known file typs, which is why you couldn't see that the wrong extension was being added. Using that option is a bad idea for a number of reasons, problems like this are but one example.

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