All Midi output is set to "let it ring"

• Oct 21, 2014 - 21:44
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When I'm listening to a guitar pro file, there is no difference in sound between normal notes and notes with "let it ring" annotation, in fact, every tone of every instrument is set to let it ring by default, which sounds really weird for the bass guitar especially
I tried switching soundfonts to ones that do not produce that problem in tuxguitar and gp5, but it still doesn't make a difference.

Attached is the file I have tested it with, the soundfont used was the standard soundfont used in GP5 on a windows installation (Roland GM)

GIT commit: 3543170

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I'm not clear on what you are describing. Playback sounds totally normal to me. Is there a particular note in a particular passage I should be listening to to hear a problem? I'm listening carefully through headphones, and everything sounds perfectly normal on my system using the latest build. All notes start and stop right where they should according to their stated durations. That is, half notes last two beats, eighth notes half a beat, etc. I tried deleting notes to make sure I wasn't imagining things - for instance, delete all but the first quarter in messure one. It lasts exactly one beat, as it should, followed by three beats of silence. The "let it ring" notation does nothing as far as playback in MuseScore, BTW. All notes last their stated length and their stated length only.

BTW, the "Assigned" field in an issue report is meant to list the person who will *fix* it. So unless you are volunteering, don't assign things to yourself.

On my system, every note has an echo and or after sound to it, just like it would by "letting it ring" until it naturally stops.
When I open the same file with the same soundfont in tuxguitar every note ends abruptly

I checked my settings but I can't find any way of turning this off, all reverb is set to 0 etc.

This is the soundfront I am using:

Here's a video I made to illustrate the problem.
I'm using Arch Linux and running Guitar Pro 5 in wine, so it has some small sound bugs when playing the bass guitar

The sounds in musescore produced by the same soundfont sound not so clear and have a smooth finish, or fade out, I don't know how to better describe it.

I hope understand: for bass (and other), there is a very effective way to remove this annoying reverb.
So, go to View -> Synthesizer -> Master Effects -> Change Zita1, for NoEffect
Effect guaranteed!
Was that your question, or part of your question?

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Ok, so it seems there is no bug, you just don't happen to like reverb - some people pay extra for that, though :-)

I mostly only listen to and study the bass guitar, which doesn't really sound natural with reverb :P

Can you disable that effect by default?
I have to do it everytime I open up musescore

Hello cadiz 1,
can you tell me how to remove Zita1 ONLY from bass guitar.
When I use it, all of my instruments have this reverb; I'd like to use Zita only on the instrument that needs it.

Gr. Frans