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I can't be really satisfied with the metod for quick inputting ties: in fact, when I'm inputting notes, I aspect to see only a tie appearing when I press the "+" key, instead of the tie AND a note with the same duration... this is quite annoying, because very often the following note hasn't the same duration of the first one....


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Adding to this, It would be great if when you had your mouse on a chord and pressed the +, if Musescore would go ahead and tie every note of the chord. Otherwise the workflow has to be broken to enter each note of a chord multiple times and then go back and add each tie manually. Remember that notes of different durations can only be played back simultaneously if they are in different voices or on separate staves, so there should be no case where only certain notes in a given chord/voice would be tied over to the next note.

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Ties are used to playback simultaneous notes with different durations. All things you can write with voices you can also write without plus ties. The midi import for example cannot separate input into voices and therefore produces a lot of ties.

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'no case where only certain notes in a given chord/voice would be tied over to the next note'

maybe I don't understand what you mean but I think there are many instances of chords that certain notes tie while others move...no?

edit: can you post an example of what you mean?

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Previous versions of MuseScore would not allow you to have two simultaneous notes of different durations in the same voice. Werner corrected me that this is not the case in newer versions. I haven't tried it out because I got used to the limitation in earlier versions. But certainly, there is much music where only some of the notes of a chord tie, I just didn't think that was in the design of the program.
In my piano music collection, I also have examples of half notes and quarter notes sharing the same stem and apparantly in the same "voice"--is this also an acceptable case in Musescore? Are there plans to implement something similar?

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