unable to delete a subtitle

• Oct 26, 2014 - 11:15

I'm running Musescore 2.0 on my Mac (Yosemite) and displaced a subtitle below the final stave. Now I can't delete it. When I double click on it, it disappears, and then comes back. Right click gives no appropriate option.


The normal way to delete things if to single click then press Delete (Fn+Delete on Mac). If this does not work for you on this score, please post it and we can try to help figure out what may be going wrong.

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Did you try Fn+Delete like I said you need to do on mac (because the key labeled "Delete" on a Mac is not really a Delete key - it's a Backspace key)? Not ju8st subtitles - *all* deleting on a Mac must be done with Fn+Delete.

Anyhow, deleting the subtitle worked fine for me on my Linux machine. But it's at the top left, not the bottom right?

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Yes, weird indeed!

What I see looking at it using the Object Debugger is there seem to be *two* texts of TUTTI in that box. One is red, one is black. Is there anything special you can tell us about how that text was created? Also any possible connection to the equally weird diagonal line across pages 1 & 2?

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Yes, I tried click Fn + delete; all it does is remove the box and French translation text at the bottom of p.2.

TUTTI at the top of p.1 (meaning for all voices) I had in bold red, and it shouldn't be removed.

I have no diagonal line on my machine.

I created the text as follows: I wanted to add a translation of the Latin at the end, and couldn't work out how to do it. So I experimented with creating a subtitle, and found I could move this round the screen. I brought it to the end of the score and then discovered I couldn't actually use it to write text. Nor could I get rid of it.

Subsequently I found out how to do what I wanted with Add > Frames > Append vertical frame and then adding text. The text can be moved outside of the frame. It and the frame respond fine to Fn Delete.

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