Exporting XML,PDF and Wave in Musescore 2.0 Beta 1

• Oct 29, 2014 - 14:04

Apparently the Export command does not work in Musescore 2.0 Beta 1, at least for XML, PDF and Wave options. I am trying it in Windows XP. Somebody can tell me any advice? Do I have to report it as a bug?


I'm running the latest nightly build and XML, PDF and WAV export worked for me (Windows 8.1u1 64-bit), so if it was a bug it's already fixed.

The _first_ time I exported a WAV, it took way too long, about 1 minute for a 1:13 file. Second time was about 5 seconds. PDF didn't show that problem.

When you say it doesn't work, what specifically goes wrong?

There have been a number of changes made since the Beta relating to export, have you tried with a Nightly build? If it fails in the latest Nightly build, then yes, please open a bug report (Help / Report a Bug) and give the precise series of steps you are following, listing what you expect to see and what you see instead.

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So again, I would suggest trying in a current nightly build, and if it still does not work for you, file a bug report.

First, though, do be sure you aren't getting confused by Windows' management of file extensions. If you are still using the default option to hide extensions for known file types, turn it off. Enabling that by default is one of the worst decisions Microsoft ever made, and it leads over and over to confusion in matters like this. Also then be sure when saving the file you are giving it the extension you think you are giving it. Depending on which build you are using, the OS you are on, and the *exact* series of steps you follow, the default extension provided in the dialog box may not be the correct one for the file type you are saving to.

See also http://musescore.org/en/node/37581

When exporting music from MuseScore 2, place a dot or whatever after the title to change it in some way, then click on PDF or any of the other listed file types in the drop down menu, it will then be saved as a PDF or your chosen file document/format.
If you do not change the title it will save it in the original MuseScore format and not in the PDF etc format.
This works every time for me without fail.

My problem may be related: unable to export as wav, mid or mp3 because version 2.0.1(with English Vista) converts it to pdf first. So the next attempt naturally finds a pre-existing pdf file. Net result: unable to burn to disc.

P.S. 030e755f5 is much to hairy for me!

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PDF is the default for export, did you change to wav, mid or mp3?
You may need to also manually change the extension (this was an idiosyncrasy of XP in MuseScore 1.x, maybe Vista too, and maybe this is still the case in 2.0)

And the latest nightly build is not that version anymore... but 2.0.1 should have the fix I mentioned

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