What is the rest notation on my score?

• Oct 29, 2014 - 14:09

As I write.

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Either the "actual duration" was changed, or the score has become corrupt. Those tuplets look like just the thing to have possibly caused some corruption somehow. When you post the score, also say something about how it was created - entered from scratch into 2.0 Beta, imported from MuseScore 1.3 or from another program via MusicXML, started in an earlier build of 2.0 then continued in a more recent one, etc.

I see I have a copy of that score in both MSCZ and XML formats lying around from some previous discussion. When I load the MSCZ files, all is fine. When I load the XML file, I get an error that it is not valid, but if I ignore the error and load it anyhow, it shows the issue, and measure properties reports the duration as 65/64. And I see that if I generate a new MusicXML file starting from the apparently good MSCZ file, that MusicXML shows the same problem (both the error on laod and the bad measure length.

So it appears something went wrong exporting this file to MusicXML. That means, we really want to know where that MSCZ came from - created from scratch in 2.0 Beta/Nightly builds, imported from 1.3 or another program, etc.

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Tuplets should work but have been the source of bugs in the past. The best thing you can do is help us fogure out how this happened - retrace your own steps somehow tp show us how to reproduce this problem in a new score. Then we can fix it. But I realize that is easier said than done.

Let me see... I don't try to find what caused however maybe I think when working I push keyboard wrongly for on ver 1.3 there was no matter.

I found something. When I want to enter 4tuplets by 16th note I know after entry the 16th note and press the ctrl+4 then it works. But there was a trouble when I enter notes. After enter ctrl+4 and then pressing number 3 or clicking 16th again must need. For following this, it was well.

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