Arpeggiation of more than one voice

• Dec 11, 2009 - 12:08

Find attached arp.jpg -- which shows a not uncommon form of notation used in guitar music (indicating that the bass voice s to be played slightly ahead of the beat).

Also attached is my attempt to reproduce the fragment in MuseScore

The acciaccaturas have stems of varying length -- whilst the stems can be adjusted the crossing line appears to be fixed(?)\(see my last comment)

The acciaccaturas also appear by default the wrong way up (to my mind the stems should run in the same direction as the note to which they attach)

Having flipped the direction of the stems, the acciaccaturas are now placed to close too the main note.

This is LINE 2 cut and pasted, the first acciaccaturas has been misplaced a bar late

Ties cannot be added to the acciaccaturas

Selecting the tie/phrase line from LINES -- this cannot be attached to the acciaccaturas either and has to be attached to the main note and then reshaped

Having reshaped the first tie satisfactarily, it would be nice to be able to copy and paste it to the next note (see my last comment)

Generally speaking I cannot see why the user should not be able to resize/move/copy and paste any graphical element -- for instance, I have found on occasion that barlines are not ideally placed, but their placement seems to be hard coded.

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"bass voice is" not "bass voice s"
"stems may run" not "stems should run"
"too close to" not "to close too"

Why can't I edit my first post, I appear to be allowed to edit this one? Weird.

LINE 1: Grace notes are usually up-stem regardless of the stem direction of the normal note. In a multi-voice context it is a little different and you are right it should down stem in this particular instance (see ). I filed a bug report for the stem length too (see ).

LINE 3: When you copy and paste the grace note appear in the wrong place but it corrects itself after you save and reload.

LINE 4: Tie between grace notes and normal notes work in the prereleases.

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