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• Dec 14, 2009 - 22:58

Is there a table of Mac key equivalents anywhere in the documentation?

In particular, when entering a tie the handbook says:
First method: "select a note, + creates a tie"
Second method: during note entry press + after first note of the tie.

FYI, in release 9.5 on a Macbook Pro keyboard the + created by shift = does not produce the desired result. Instead, you must use fn /


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For me, on Macbook pro with built-in US KB, Shift+= definitely increases stretch. If I clear that shortcut and the one for tie, then define it as Tie it works.

By the way, on a mac, do the preference settings exists in a file somewhere. You can't print them out or copy them from the preferences dialogue

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I changed the default shortcuts for measure stretch to { and } in revision 2482. Hopefully this fixes the problem with ties. Please note that preferences settings are respected when you upgrade. You won't see the new defaults unless you click the "Reset all" button in the preferences.

Indeed on my french macbook pro I have to enable the numpad or use "Fn" + "=".
Could you confirm that it's the same for you? Then, we can change the documentation accordingly.

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On my [US] built-in keyboard the key just left of the right shift key is labeled with "/" and "?" (shift mode) and "+" (fn mode). That's the key I have to use for ties. Not sure about the French key location. Fn plus the standard "=" key (left of "Delete") has no effect on my kb.

However, per David's reply above, I take it this will be added to the bug list, apart from any documentation changes.

In addition, I believe the newer macbook pro buil-tin keyboards no longer have the numpad keys.

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