Plugin installation issue w/musescore 1.3 and OSX 10.7

• Nov 4, 2014 - 22:32


Believe I'm following the instructions here for plugin installation on Mac:

but after moving my desired plugin to install (addscore.js) into the appropriate place, quitting the MuseScore, and restarting, doesn't cause it to show up in the plugin directory (i've also tried putting it into the local user application support MuseE designated directory with same result). The other plugins in that directory (which came as default) did and still do show up.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks, --b

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If you mean addstaff as opposed to addscore, it's under the "Lead Sheet" submenu within the Plugins menu.

FWIW, while I wrote and contributed it, it doens't really do anything not just as easy to do manually via the instruments dialog.

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As the Finder.png shows, I meant addstaff. I put the .js file in what I believe is the right place, close and reopen Musescore (1.3) and nothing new appears in the plugin menu. Do I need to change permissions or something? It was copied in there using the "Show Package Contents" finder deal.

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doh! there it is! thanks!!

now i've passed the using plugins test :-) [what i really cared about was the slash plugin; start simple].

p.s. perhaps i could've done addstaff easily enough myself, but up 'til now i just added a violin part and then deleted the text (using fn+del on mac when instr text highlighted). i'm still fumbling around a bit but the software's getting easier to understand (i really like it and all things considered its been a small learning curve).

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