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• Nov 5, 2014 - 06:59

The little keyboard icon seems to be gone from v2 and I~m on a Mac. I read that F2 would open that window but F2 doesn~t do anything, even when I~m in text edit mode. I need synalephas. I do lyrics in Spanish and Portuguese. How can I get them.


On a mac to access the F2 key you need to press the Fn key and the F2 key at the same time. The keyboard icon is now an alpha sign in the bottom left corner. Let us know if the synalepha in this palette are ok for your usage.

I'm having trouble inserting a synalepha (or any special characters at all from the F2 palette for that matter) into a lyric. I have a Mac mini running Yosemite, but have a PC-style keyboard. I'm fine with MuseScore 1.3, when I simply open the palette with F2 and click on the character in the palette to insert it in a lyric, but in MuseScore 2, the palette still opens with F2, but looks quite different and I can't find out how to insert. I've tried clicking on the character as before, to no avail, and then dragging the character to the lyric where it's shape is carried up, together with a little green disc with a + sign in it. But when I release the mouse button, the character slides back to the palette.

I am now on v2 RC on Mac. Somewhere in the forum it says the issue I mentioned in the previous post (referring to v2 beta 10 has been fixed but I sure can't find it. It says I have to press fn + f2. That doesn't pop up any palette for me. Somewhere else it says the little keyboard icon in pre version 2 has been replaced by a "small alpha in the lower left" I see no such thing. I really need synalephas, ligatures, elision marks, underties, or whatever you call them.

How Can I GET THEM????

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That could be made clearer. I thought I was, but Muse Score seems to take you out of text edit mode for the slightest thing. OK I got the palett now. Never did see the little alpha though. Thanks. Anyway I solved th problem by finding one on the web some where and copying it and pasting it where I wanted it. And weirdly, paste seems to be destructive, you have to go copy it again if you want to paste in another one.

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There are only two things that normally take you out of text edit mode - pressing Esc or clicking somewhere outside the edit box. If you see some other case you you are bumped out of text edit mode, please post precise steps to reproduce, so we can see if it is a bug.

If you are in text edit mode, the icon in question is all the way to the left of the text toolbar at the bottom of the window - right by the icons for bold, italic, etc. As for F2 versus Fn+F2, well, the shortcut is indeed F2 alone, but some keyboards are configured so that pressing the key labelled F2 does not actually execute an F2 unless you also press Fn (otherwise, it does something system-specific, like maybe decrease screen brightness or something). Some systems might provide an option to control whether the key does the hardware thing or the F2 thing by default. Neither MuseScore nor any other applications have any control over any of this, we just respond to what we see. It's between you and your keyboard/OS to figure out how to send an F2 to applications.

Regaridng pasting lyrics, this is a special and very useful feature: pasting will paste one syllable at a time and remove it from the clipboard, so you can select a whle chunk of text like this:

Ma-ry had a lit-tle lamb

Then paste it one syllable at a time. That is, click a note, Cltr+L, to enter lyric mode, then just keep pressing Ctrl+V and it automatically pastes the next syllable and moves on to the next note.

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In some of my scores the synalepha character is appearing with a little box over it. Mostly some of the older ones. I'd like that to NOT be there if possible, I am revising some old charts and trying to make them nicer. I tried re entering the synalephas and the little box is still there. I am using the MuseJazz font for lyrics, size 10. Is it the font? Tried to change that but nothing happened. Please advise, thank you. Here is the old version of one of my scores so you can see what it's doing and nothing I try seems to fix it.

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I think it is a bug with the font you are using. I have downloaded your file and any character from the F2 table gets a little square added. It's not just the synalepha character. When I change the lyrics font to Times New Roman and enter a character, the square is not there.

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Got the new version, it made no difference. I was able to change the font with great difficulty. Some syllables changed, some didn't, I couldn't delete the wrong ones in a straightforward way, but somehow I finally got everything I needed.

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You don't say how you tried changing the font for lyrics, but it should be as simple as right-clicking one lyrics, clicking Text Style, and then selecting the font. This will affect all lyrics at once. Well, you need to do it once for the odd verse, again for the even verses, since there are two separate text styles. I tried it on your file and it worked as expected.

That said, I also didn't notice a problem with synalepha either before or after the change. That is, no boxes for me. Couldl be you have an incompatible version of the font itself installed on your system? You shouldn't have MuseJazz installed at all - MuseScore needs to be free to use its own internal fonts.

Finally a note on bugs. All versions of all programs have bugs. So no matter the program, no matter the version, someone will report that is has bugs, because it indeed, I can guarantee it does. Usually the more recent versions of programs have fewer bugs than older versions, though. And by absolutely all objective measures, this is true for MuseScore - the current version of MuseScore (2.3.2) has fewer bugs than any version that ever came before it. Same was true of the previous version, 2.3.1, and the same was true of 2.3.0 before that, and so on.

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