Musescore in 64-bit.

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The title pretty much says it all. The windows 7 version of the software is 32-bit and it can't recognize a midi keyboard that runs a 64-bit driver. If anyone here knows for a fact, please let my know if there is going to be a 64-bit version some day (I tried the beta of musescore 2.0, also 32-bit).


You could try compiling yourslef, but are you *sure* it's 32-bit versus 64-bit that is the problem? What did you try, what feedback did you get that led you to believe this?

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I agree with Marc. A device driver only needs to match the architecture of the OS (32bit or 64bit) not the applications. They provide a way for applications (32bit and 64bit) to talk to devices. Your problem could be one of several, from bad or incorrectly plugged cables to an incorrect power-on sequence.

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I posted this problem a few months ago, when I didn't know about 32-bit/64-bit issues and I got the same retarted (insulting even) answer.Of course my hardware is fine and the connections and options are correct. It just doesn't work and musescore is the sole reason. My midi keyboard gets recognized by all my other software (vst's, daw's, samplers, other scorewriters). I'm not going to beg for something that is free, but let's be honest with what musescore can and cannot do. Cheers.

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Please, there is no reason to insult people who are just trying to help. Lots of people connect cords improperyl because they don't realize you have to connect the "in" of one to the "out" of the other. It's *very* common mistake and we have no way of knowing you already know about that. Similarly, MuseScore *is* very picky about the order you do things in, and many people have trouble simply because they don't know that with MuseScore you have to plugin in the keybaord *before* starting MuseScore (most software doesn't care). So that also is a very common source of questions on this forum. We had no way of knowing you are absolutely certian you did things in the order MuseScore requires, so it is perfectly logical we would ask you about that too. So please, do not be offended. We're oinly trying to help by suggesting the things that actual turn out to be the problem for a large number of people who post questions here.

Anyhow, lots of other people - myself included - use MuseScore on 64-bit computer and experience no problems whatsoever with MIDI. So I promise, it really isn't quite as simple as you need to have a 64-bit version of MuseScore in order to use MIDI. If you're willing to try to a few steps to help uncover the source of the problem, I'm sure it can be figured out. Maybe most of us have 32-bit drivers and that is why it works for us but not you, in which case one obvious question might be, is there any way you could install 32-bit drivers as well. But there are probbably other solutions too, perhaps involving something like Jack.

So if you're willing to help us figure out what the actual source of the problem that you seem to be having, I'll bet we can find the asnwer, and most likely, it won't require anyone building a special 64-bit version of MuseScore. But as I mentioned, your building it yourself is always an option.

Which leads back to my question: what *exactly* are you doing (step by step) and what *exactly* goes wrong when you try? Also tell us what you see when you go to Edit / Preferences / I/O (a screenshot would be helpful).

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Step by step:
plug-in the midi keyboard (Behringer U-control UMX-490) with the incuded usb-to-usb cable
switch on the keyboard, pc recognizes it
load musescore 1.3, midi input option is on from previous session
go to options menu, midi I/O tab
in the midi input submenu, there is nothing.

In my brother's win 7 32-bit desktop however, musescore reads the keyboard just fine. In his win xp 32-bit netbook too. I am not a tech expert, I can't mess with code (yet) and I expect musescore to work as advertised. I have tried to install the 32-bit driver for the keyboard (found in the official website) but I get an error message, saying that this driver is meant only for 32-bit systems. I have nothing else to do, all other musescore options are on default.

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It's simple really: I have two computers. One runs 32-bit windows 7, the other the 64-bit version. On the first one, musescore recognizes midi keyboards, on the latter it does not. It's that simple. The only way I know that can be addressed is by putting out a 64-bit version of musescore. If that won't happen, I will have to abandon the software.

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Could be an issue with the driver of that particular device. Others apparently got their MIDI keyboards to work with MuseScore. However, I guess you might be disappointed with what you can and cannot do with even a working one with MuseScore.
As Qt and the mingw toolchain that is used to build MuseScore does not yet support 64bit build, I don't see such a MuseScore 64bit version in the near future.
Take this with a gain of salt, the main developers might know better...

@Lightnick Could you detect which MIDI drivers your Windows machines are using? I would very much like to find out. Thanks.

Having established from your previous post that you are talking about Musescore 1.3 - really it does help if you include this information in support requests - my suggestion is that you try MuseScore 2.0 beta which has greatly improved MIDI support, particularly if you use JACK rather than Portmidi.

I have had no problems at all connecting a USB keyboard (in my case a Samson Graphite) to MuseScore (both 1.3 & 2.0 beta) on a Windows 8 64 bit machine, so there is definitely something unique about your system which is causing the problem.


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Ok sorry there was not an instant solution.

Were you using the default PortAudio MIDI configuration?

If so I think it would be well worth your time to install and configure JACK Audio Connection Kit and try again using that configuration.

There has been a lot of work done lately on improving MuseScore's JACK support and it could well be your solution.

You are then not relying on MuseScore to detect your MIDI interface, but on JACK which is a well established tool for routing MIDI & Audio to different applications on Windows systems.

It is a little arcane to set up, but once you have done so you will be able to get MuseScore to interface with VST instruments, sequencers and audio/midi processors, as well as hopefully connect your MIDI keyboard to MuseScore :)

The main problem with setting it up is the lack of proper documentation for Windows user (something I'm trying to rectify in an e-book I'm working on).

You will find some instructions in this very long thread:

But if you get stuck with it feel free to come back to me either on the forums or via my contact form at, and I'll do my best to help you get it up and running.


Here is a link to a very experimental Windows 64-bits version of MuseScore, so you can try if the problem still happears with it (however, I wouldn't expect things to change).
To download: just click the arrow symbol in the upper bar inside the page.
Important notes:
1- You must disable the MuseScore Connect window or this build will most likely crash at startup because of a Qt bug. To do this, you can launch a "normal" 32bit Nightly build and under Edit->Preferences...->General uncheck "Show MuseScore Connect"and Ok (or Apply). Then you can close the 32bit Nightly (this procedure can be done only once, and each time a factory reset is done) and you can launch the 64bit version: the executale file is "win64install\bin\mscore.exe".
Alternatively, you can disconnect from the Network (so that MuseScore connect will work in offline mode) and directly launch the 64bit version, and disable MS connect from the Edit->Preferences... et cetera.
Please remember to decompress (extract from the zip archive) the folder before trying to launch the executable.
2- This 64bits version is not officially supported. Therefore, if you find bugs you should check them against the official 32bits version before reporting.
This version is based on commit cc98125a

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Thanks for the feedback. I tried to launch the x64 .exe file, but upon startup, it crashed. Turning the musescore network connection off in the x86 version or running the computer offline didn't help. Anyway, I still use the 1.3 version with the regular pc keyboard. Eventually I will get new hardware that won't show any problems with the software.

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I deleted the old build and built a version in which MuseScore Connect is disabled by default.
Here it is:
The first time you should launch via the script "revertToFactorySettings.bat" in folder win64install\special and then next times you can simply launch win64install\bin\mscore.exe
This *should* work (but I don't know if it solves your problem).
It is based on commit d888bc9b

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Well, the procedure is quite hacky at the moment. It requires the download of 64 bit libraries of all the dependencies and it requires some adjustments in the paths referring to these (e.g. path to Jack) and in the installation. It also requires a series of corrections inside mscore\debugger\debugger.cpp because, for pointer size, "long" integer under Linux x64 does not correspond to "long" under Windows x64, but to "longlong". To make debugger.cpp platform-independent maybe qlonglong and qulonglong can be used instead of long and unsigned long when casting pointers to integer (this is the correction I made for the 64bit compilation).

And as you can see, the webpanel widget results in a crash due to a bug in Qt (related to query of proxy) which is very difficult to pin down (it does not happen when Qt debug libraries are used). Curiously enough, the web-browser example in Qt folder does not crash (but it has lines of codes dealing with proxies).

I wanted to write down the full procedure, but never found the time, and the will :-) to do it; it also seems that the Windows 64bit version does not raise much interest in the development team (nor in the users, since the 32bit version works well), and would be an additional platform to be maintained (with further bugs not necessarily related to MuseScore, as the one I explained).

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did the new build ( ) work in your Windows?
I am curious to know if it launched properly or if it still crashed.
[Just to be sure, when trying it, please remember to: 1- decompress the folder and 2- the first time you launch it, launch it by double-click on "win64install\special\revertToFactorySettings.bat" ]

Thanks for this test.

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