Create a single voice from score

• Nov 6, 2014 - 09:50


At first sorry for my bad English, I hope you can understand what I mean.

I import a MIDI File, see attached "MIDI_File.MID".

Afterwards I choose "Datei -> Einzelstimmen" (guess in English version: File -> single voice)
and select "Bass 1" - "Create single voice".

The result I attached as "Bass_Einzelstimme_aus_MIDI_File.mscz". Some of the stems are really long!

Is this a bug or did I something wrong?

Best greetings and compliment for the software!

Version 1.3 Revison 5702

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Single_Voice.png 17.63 KB
MIDI_File.MID 61.63 KB
Bass_Einzelstimme_aus_MIDI_File.mscz 5.23 KB


'Einzelstimmen' is 'Part' in the English version.
This might be a bug and probably is, but 1.3 won't receive further fixes and this might have be fixed in the upcoming 2.0, so can you reproduce this in 2.0 Beta 1 or a later nightly build?

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