Export individual parts to .mp3

• Nov 9, 2014 - 03:56

I just installed the beta 2.0 and LOVE all the improvements made!

I see that there are two options for Export: "Export..." and "Export Parts..."

I have a score setup for SATB and Piano accompaniment.

I want to export an individual line or part, specifically the piano treble and bass lines. To do this in 1.3, I had to delete the other lines, save to .wav and then convert to .mp3.

I'm guessing that "Export Parts..." will let me export individual parts. However, I select the piano part and click Export Parts... and select .mp3 and name the file. However, the success box pops up way too quick and when I look in the folder there is nothing there.

I have tried the "Export..." option and have successfully exported the entire file to .mp3.

Can you help me export an individual part?



Export Parts is meant to be used while viewing the score, not an individual part. It exports all parts at once - at least it does for PDF. Should also work to use Export for each part one at a time.

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If you have a score you are viewing, and Export Parts is not available, that would be because it doesn't have parts. First you need to generate them, using File / Parts.

If you have a score where you are sure you do have parts generated that way, and you still have trouble with exporting parts, please attach it so we can understand and assist better.

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