note on line next to note on space at same time

• Nov 9, 2014 - 15:55

When there is a note on a line next to a note on an adjacent space at the same time,
one is physically ahead of the other.
How can I easily change the the appearance to the other one?
And I would like to make all the similar clusters in my score to have the same physical form.


Note that in 1.X, the defaults are correct for single voices but very wrong if multiple voices are involved. In 2.0 the defaults should pretty much always be correct.

I don't know what you mean by the word "seconds".

Thanks. It works, but not easily because
noteheads are on each other part of the time.
I have version 1.3, I better try the newest version tomorrow.

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A "second" is the musical term for the interval between two adjacent notes. Like C to D is a second, C to E is a third, C to F a fourth, and so, up to C to the next C, which is an octave.

As mentioned, 1.3 does pretty badly with seconds if there are multiple voices involved. 2.0 is much improved. But do not it is not released yet - you can downlaod a beta or experimental nightly build version to test, though.

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