Beams across staffs don't save

• Nov 9, 2014 - 21:58
S2 - Critical

Refer to
Note: I have edited system 1 into what I want it to look like. System 2 is unedited and how it looks when I open the score from the file.

Obviously, if I used Shift+UP, it sets the chord into the upper staff, and it should save these changes. However, they do not save and when I open them (system 2), they remain unchanged.

I am using Musescore 2 Beta 1. (I shouldn't need to attach a file, cause this happens with any new score I create)


Status (old) active duplicate

Yes, it was reported and fixed very shortly after the beta release. Should be good in the nightly builds. See #31536: Cross staff move information not saved.

If you find it is not fixed with a recent nightly, feel free to re-open this, but please post the actual score and steps to reproduce the problem (always a good idea anyhow). Note that scores already saved using the beta have lost this info; loading them in a nightly won't bring it back. But if you redo the cross staff beaming in a nightly and and, it should stick now.