No sound during playback on linux.

• Nov 11, 2014 - 04:37

So, I recently downloaded musescore for linux, and when I click play, there is no sound. Everything else works fine. Please help.


Which version of MuseScore, and which distribution of Linux? Some distros come preconfigured with everything MuseScore needs already installed and configured; others do not. In my installation of Ubuntu, I think I needed to set up ALSA. Do a search of these forums and you'll find various other threads where people discussion specific problems and solutions. If you still have problems, please post a screenshot of your Edit / Preferences / I/O (within MuseScore).

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you should select only one driver in Preferences -> I/O: ALSA, PortAudio or JACK.

If you have ALSA installed, let's try this:
1. Open MuseScore, change driver to "ALSA". Close MuseScore.
2. Run "mscore -d" in a terminal, this will open MuseScore again. Enter a couple of notes, click "Play".
3. Paste logs from terminal here.

Musescore does hog the sound system in Linux. I've found that if anything else is connected to the audio server at the same time (like totem, rhythmbox, mplayer, etc.) then musescore won't play, and vice versa. Make sure that there is no other program running at the same time that might try to play sound.

On my settings page, I *do not* have "ALSA Audio" checked, but I *do* have Pulseaudio enabled with "ALSA" and "sysdefault" as the settings. Didn't Ubuntu switch to Pulseaudio around 8.04 or so? I'm using 12.04 and it works through Pulse for me. Perhaps uncheck "ALSA audio" and leave Pulseaudio settings active? Or maybe you've tried that already. (Also remember that changing I/O settings requires musescore restart.)

Everything was working in Debian Wheezy but when I upgraded to Jessie I installed MuseScore 2.0, mainly for the early music options.
Like other people, no sound. I've noticed though that if I choose to have the metronome while playing back I can hear the metronome but not the music. Does that help diagnostics?

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