Segno and repetition error

• Nov 11, 2014 - 13:11

I am doing something wrong or there is a conflict when using both a repeat symbol and a segno symbol in the same measure.

I am working on an arrangement having an intro, then some measures repeated by a Volta 1 and Volta 2. Further on there are some more measures ending up with the need to go back to the first measure after the intro.

INTRO ||: SEGNO measure | some measures | To Coda measure | some measures | VOLTA 1 :|| Volta 2 || some more measures | D.S. al Coda measure || CODA symbol measure | some final measures ||

As you can see: After the intro, I need to have both a repeat and a segno symbol.

For notation, this software is fantastic! No problems showing that I want to return to the first measure after the intro, when going back from the last one ahead of the coda.

However, I cannot make it play back correctly when having the Segno and the repetition symbol in the same measure. The one right after the intro.

If I remove the first repeat symbol, the one right after the intro part which also have the Segno symbol, the entire piece plays as written (without the repeat as wanted).

How to make it show and play correctly as wanted; No playing of the intro when returning from the Voltas?

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Using a 2.0 beta or nightly build to produce the playback would work. Or just write out the phrase twice if playback is important for whatever reason. Maybe have two copies of the score - the regular version for display/print (MuseScore is, after all, a notation program that just happens to also have some playback functions) and the special version with repeats unfolded for playback.

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I was hoping I wouldn’t need to have 2 scores, one for PDF and one for MP3. That’s how I am solving this problem now. But when presenting the arrangements for the band (vocals, piano, guitar, bass and drums), there are of course often a need to do some changes. Now I have to do the changes manually 2 places, and be sure not to miss any on one of the copies.

Thank you anyway, for answering and helping! :-)

As mentioned, by both of us, that this is in fact a (fantastic!) notation program. I also like that the software is translated to Norwegian, which is my language.

The need to present the music for a band, a group of musicians, a singer or a single musician, is important in many situations. Both a good PDF print and MP3 presentation is then needed. So the playing should work as notated and present the playable results with top quality sounds and all details as realistic as possible. No matter what type of music it is. Like for me; Progressive Rock, Jazz, Jazz Rock, Classical, World Music, Symphonic/Progressive Metal, Reggae or for a single Singer, a Choir, Piano, Synthesizers, Church Organ, Bass Guitars, Overdrive or Clean or Classical Guitars, Drums, Percussion etc.

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Right, and as mentioned, this bug is fixed for 2.0. Still, you have to realize, not every possible marking you could put into your score (like "repeat this section four times but on the DS only do it twice, and skip the notes in bar 7") is going to be understandable to MuseScore. There will always be some situations where you need to make compromises in how you notate something or else have two copies or else live with the fac that the playblack won't exactly reflect hwo you want it to sound. But we can at least try to get the basic cases right, and we do (try).

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