Diacritic chars in 2.0

• Nov 14, 2014 - 15:02

In Finnish and Swedish we have the letters Å, Ä änd Ö. Seems they don't work in MuseScore 2.0 beta, when printing. At least not in the lyric lines. I thought I'd post some scores and some pdf's, but suddenly I lost the whole image of the problem. Seems when I print to the printer, I lose å, ä, ö. But if I print to a PDF "printer", I get å, ä and ö, but the letter e is replaced with a question mark.

I changed the font from FreeSerif to Times New Roman and it worked. Is there a bug in the font FreeSerif in itself? Or how MuseScore handles the printing with FreeSerif? Exporting to a PDF directly (not through the PDF virtual printer) makes perfect text. I can provide any file, if anyone is interested in this problem. I just didn't know what exactly I should upload.


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Windows 7. No other software has showed any problems so far. MuseScore 1.3 seemed ok, but on the other hand, 1.3 doesn't use FreeSerif. How does FreeSerif even work? Is it in some of 2.0's own directories? I could try to install it as a normal font under Windows and check if it behaves badly with other software, too.

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This is still a problem in 2.1. FreeSerif can't handle Ä, ä (a-umlaut). FreeSerif is the default font in MuseScore and it's sad that a default font is either corrupt or just a cheap thing that can't handle the most common diacritics. My workaround is of course to just change the settings in the templates so that FreeSerif is never used. I use lots of different computers and lots of different printers. And they all seem to have this problem in common, when using MuseScore and FreeSerif. Never with any other software.

FreeSerif is obviously embedded or hardcoded or something in MuseScore. I would have liked to test it in some other software. Instead I downloaded FreeSerif from Sourceforge:

Using it in LibreOffice Writer and printing caused no problems. Either this is an updated font or completely another font. Or MuseScore simply isn't compatible with FreeSerif.

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What? I'm using FreeSerif ever since 2.0 and also use umlauts (äöüÄÖÜ) quite a lot (mainly in lyrics), and they do work just fine for me:
ä and ö

Please provide examples where it doesn't.

It is indeed embedded into MuseScore, and instelling another copy of it would make the installed one take precedencs and may cause issues

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and instelling another copy of it would make the installed one take precedencs and may cause issues
On the contrary. Having FreeSerif installed in my Windows seemed to fix the problem. So it is obviously a bug in how MuseScore handles the embedded version of FreeSerif.

Here are two printouts:

The lower one is printed directly from MuseScore. The upper one is saved as a pdf from MuseScore, then printed with Acrobat Reader. Having the FreeSerif installed in Windows made the printout from MuseScore like the upper one. Problem fixed. Well, not fixed, but worked around. The bug is there, somewhere.

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Well, quite obviously installing that font isn't the fix (even if it appears to do the trick for you), I don't have it installed and don't have the issue at all. Not in the score as MuseScore shows them nor in the PDF's it exports.
Using a PDF printer might be causing this, you mention something like that earlier in this thread.
If so, which one? And with what Ssettings?

So we'd need to see an actual score showing the issue, not a foto of one.

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Well, try to print the score on paper. If it still looks ok, the problem hasn't been saved into the file (like bad xml coding or something). Try to switch your MuseScore into Swedish. Or switch your Windows to Swedish. When I have time, I could switch my Windows to Finnish (or use my wife's Finnish Windows machine) and switch MuseScore to other languages. This all might be an unfortunate combination of language settings. Still a bug, if you ask me.

The profile says I prefer OSX, not that I use OSX. Anyway, I deleted that from my profile. Don't see the point in having it there. I use plenty of different computers weekly.

Anyway, I have no idea where the Linux comes from. And I'd like to stress that I have never any problems printing Scandinavian letters in any other software. Only in MuseScore and only when using the built-in FreeSerif. Whatever happens inside MuseScore while using the built in font, it doesn't work with my system. And it didn't work with my previous laptop either, which was another brand, but same Windows 7. As I wrote, I'm going to test different language settings here and there. But if you come up with more ideas to test, I'll be glad to do that. Just to track down the bug, wherever it is.

The bug is still there in Windows 10 and MuseScore 2.1.0. With several laptops and several printers (well, all that I've tested).
And I haven't had time to test other language settings. It's still a bug that has to do with Musescore, letters ä and ö (a-umlaut und o-umlaut) and embedded FreeSerif and printing! With no other software.

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