Stave Distance

• Nov 14, 2014 - 15:49

I want to increase the distance from the edge of the page to the stave. Left and right. How do I do That? thanks


I have a related question...

How do I lock the distance between staffs? Something like the option "fixed measure width"... is there anything to make a "fixed staff spacing"?


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Distance between *staves* is already fixed, at whatever you set your Staff Distance to be in Style / General / Page (although you can override this on a staff by staff basis). Distance between *systems* defaults to whatever you have set in that same dialog, but if the Page Fill Threshold is exceeded, then it will be padded to fill the page. So you can disable that by setting the threshold to 100%.

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Hmm... from what I see on the Staff Properties, I can re-enter the numbers but there's no "reset"... so I think there's no easy way to make things nice and steady.

Another positioning thing that's bugging me (or maybe it's a real bug) is the fact that when I change from continuous to normal view, the music on the first page gets either:

- chopped
- chopped but with the missing part appearing at the border of the second page
- any of the above plus everything moving up one page leaving the title & subtitle alone on the first page

Also I often get pieces of code at the bottom of all pages. Don't remember exactly what it was but looked like garbled text with mention to "fonts".

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True, you need to type a number in Staff Properties. At least it's always "0 (extra distance above staff). But I think the real answer is to make it harder to accidentally drag staves - maybe require Shift (the usual modifier to constrain dragging vertically) or something.

The bug with markup in the footer is known - see #37621: Font size text appears in the bottom of the score.

There are some known issues with switching between continuous and normal view in some situations. If yours sounds like either #32231: Incorrect layout of key signature in Continuous View if top staff has no key signature or #32886: In Continuous View, the last visible measure is moved under the continuous panel, it's already on the the list. Or do a search of the issue tracker to see if something else looks familiar. Otherwise, if you can get it down to a reproducible series of steps, you should file a new issue.

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