Reproduction bareer

• Nov 17, 2014 - 11:13

In the demo of the coming soon version (2.0) i have noticed that the reproduction bareer keeps moving ever there are silent symbols.
I wish, if it possible, as 1.3 version, the reproduction bareer stops when it arrives as the last written note.
Tanks (gracias)


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Oh, hold on, you mean if there are empty measures after the last note, the cursor (and playback) should stop at that last note?
In that case I agree...
I meant the old behavoir to jump from note to note, ignoring rests and silent notes, vs. the new, progressing though the score at a constant speed, which I like much better

You're not the first to ask for this, see, and #33861: Prevent the playback of trailing rests

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How is that music when the string quartet is playing literally nothing? To me silence is the opposite of music unless it is like a few measures at most like in Beethoven's 5th symphony at what is sometimes called the grand pause(where nothing is played for a whole measure between the 7th chord and the Bb major chord before the second theme starts).

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