Inner Voice Stem-Collisions (See "Choral 107") Bach Chorale

• Nov 19, 2014 - 22:26

Eric DuFour has dutifully notated a well-known Bach Chorale for Piano/Organ accompaniment. It's title is "Choral 107". -- The 4-voice chorale is known for its interesting inner voices which are often eighth-note phrases (quavers). Because they are inner-voice phrases the "flags" or "beams" of the quavers collide as notated. Flipping the beams up or down doesn't seem to be a good solution. What else can be done, please? It seems we need to shorten the stems beyond what MuseScore provides. Thanks! JHJ


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If you don't see the flags on top of each other, you're not looking at the same piece of notation.
I will try to get you a link. Go to MuseScoreConnect and access the file called Choral_107. That file clearly shows downward quaver flags colliding with upward quaver flags. Because they are inner-voice notes, it doesn't work to flip the flags. JHJ

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What he said was, he increased the Great Stave Distance and *then* there was no problem. This setting is found in Style / General / Page might be listed as "Accolade Distance" or "Grand Staff Distance" depending on what version you have. But the point is, it increases the amount of space betwene the staves, which solves the problem. Or you could shorten the problem stems - double click and drag the handles.

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Thank you for clarifying this. Increasing "Accolade Distance" to 9.0 is the solution to this problem. I found the setting at 6.8 which is probably adequate for most of my scores. -- I had found a makeshift idea of adding just one letter of "lyrics" and "hiding" it somehow. That caused MuseScore to adjust for the needed space and widened the "Accolade" for me. Of course, changing the Style setting is far better. Accolades to you all. JHJ

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