MIDI Input not recognizing correct note pitch

• Nov 23, 2014 - 16:54

Ok so being new to all this I thought the MIDI input would be a great way of creating scores.
I have an AXUS D2 digital piano connected to my laptop which is running Windows 7 64 bit version
The connecting lead is ProSound USB to MIDI cable
The cable marked in is connected to the out and vice versa.
Switch on piano, boot up Musescore, turn on MIDI input in Musescore and select note entry
You press a key on the piano and most of the time a note appears on the score, however the note can be more than an octave below what is being played yet other times it puts the note in the correct place on the score.
Please can anyone help


Hard to say without knowing more about the specifics, but are you familiar with how different instruments transpose? For example, guitar and bass both sounds an octave lower than written, alto saxophone a major sixth a whole step lower, piccolo and octave higher, etc. Also, are you familiar with the transposition controls on your keyboard? Depending on how you have it configured, the key you think is supposed to be middle "C" might not be.

Sorry if that is all obvious, but without knowing more about your setup or experience in these matters, those are the most obvious things to ask about also, because that would be the only reason I could think of for what you are describing.

If that doens't help, please post the score you are having problems with and describe precise step by step instructions to reproduce what you are doing & seeing.

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No not particularly obvious, if I tune the piano to the guitar tuner then it tends to be just over half a semitone out. However I don't think that is the issue, I bought the cable this lunch and plugged it in just to try and get it to work and have a play around. I didn't save the score but all I did was repeatedly press the same key on the piano, sometimes you had to press it several times to register the note on Musescore, other times it would register correctly straight away and then most often it registered but more than an octave below. So the main problem is it doesn't repeat for the same action.

Hope that is a little clearer.

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Not really. Like I said, different instrument have different transpositions. If you are creating a score for guitar or bass, then it is *correct* that the notes would display an octave from where you think you played them, That's juist how music for guitar is written. Or if the keyboard was in transpose mode, then it is sending signals different from what key you are pressing.

That's why I asked you to post the score and exact step by step instructions to reproduce the problem. BTW, notes should only show up if you are in note entry mode, so be sure to mention in your step by step instructions exactly when you enter and/or leave note entry mode.

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