Can't input percussion notes with mouse

• Dec 30, 2009 - 19:31

Using either the latest version of MuseSocre or the latest SVN under linux I can't place (unpitched) percussion notes with the mouse. I haven't tried with my midi keyboard becuase I don't have access to it right now.

If anyone could point me to a solution for this I would greatly appreacite it


never mind, I just figured out that I needed to select a note type in the pallate. would be more intutitave if a defult type of note was placed if this had not been done...

Hello, I must be very stupid but even after reading several items on the forum I still can't put notes into my "triangle" or "snare drum" with my mouse. I click on N and on the type of note I want (length-wise); the bar I'm working in turns blue but nothing happens. Am I missing a step??

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Hi, I followed the instructions exactly in the handbook, but I still cannot enter percussion notes. The drum palette does not give me a choice of "Type of note" as instructed in step 4.

I have tried many ways to enter a percussion note, but nothing seems to work... this seems to be very poorly designed... It's is quite easy to enter piano note, why is it comparably much more difficult to enter percussion notes? :( :(

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Actually, in step 1 it says "This loads the corresponding drum palette". I'm not sure I saw that happen. Anyhow, nothing seems to chang when I select a note or rest in the percussion line. And by the way, I'm using Tambourine, not drums, but I assume the problem is the same for all unpitched percussion instruments.

I don't like that the software FORCES me to configure a lot of things before I can simply place notes on the staff. An entry in the palette fixes BOTH the note appearance AND its "pitch", i.e. its vertical position on the staff. This is nonsense. I want to be able to just select a type of note head and freely "paint" with it on the staff, without having to create missing entries in the note palette for all the head type × "pitch" combinations I will need. I am not composing a piece that is going to be published. I just want to set a few bars, screenshot it and paste it in an email.

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Drumset note input is designed to be efficient for real world usage, where it would incredibly ineffecient to need to go to all that work to enter notes when it's much easier to have things preconfigured. But if you do want to do a quick on-off for a screenshot, don't use a drumset - just use a normal staff and then change the noteheads yourself using the Noteheads palette.

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