Transpose causes crash

• Jan 5, 2010 - 11:52
S2 - Critical

Upon trying to transpose the attached score (Too Marvellous) including the key signatures and chord names, the program always crashes (build 2451, Windows) It will transpose notes alone or notes with key signatures but will not transpose the chord names. (I used ctrl-A first to select the whole score)

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A further issue with this scrore - upon trying to transpose the whole score (including key signatures) up by 10 semitones the resulting key signatures are rubbish.

I just discovered that some chord names were corrupted. How, I don't know. The roots had been changed by the program and in several cases the root dod not have any setting for an accidental value. When I corrected these and ensures every root had an accidental or "no accidental" selected the transpositions worked correctly - key signatures and chord names woere correct. Hope this helps you find the problem.

The root values of all chords in the test file are corrupted which crashes mscore.
So far i could not find out how this could happen.

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@awillkey If you find a way to reproduce corrupting the root values, don't hesitate to post a follow up

OK, here's the whole story. I was building this score and I was putting line breaks into the score to make it look nice. After inserting one of the line breaks I had a problem: the next stave started with the clef, and key signature followed by a barline before the fisrt note of the next measure, which I could not get rid of. This was a major corruption. For example, if I selected the measure before (the last measure on the stave above) Muse automatically selected all measures from there to the end of the piece (solid blue line). To get rid of this corruption, I created a new score and copied and pasted as much as possible from the old score to the new. This must be when the root values were corrupted. I never tried transposition on the old score so I can't be sure there was no corruption in that version. I have found it impossible to copy chord names by copy and paste in earlier releases and I was suprised that it seemed to work on this occasion. I'm guessing now that it didn't. Hope this helps.

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Closed since exact steps to reproduce the crash are not given. The transposition code is being rewritten anyway so there is a good chance that this particular bug will no longer apply.