Crash when creating New score ?

• Dec 1, 2014 - 14:45

This morning, under Linux Mint, I tried to create a new score through the "New score" button, but mscore crashed.
I don't know if it is related, but this happened after a factory reset (mscore -F).
It seems that now mscore crashes each time I try to create a new score, even after factory reset.
I tried to understand if this was related to recent changes, but I went up to the commits of 20th November and mscore still crashes when trying to launch the New score wizard, after a factory reset (and subsequent launches).

Is anybody else seeing this?

My environment: Linux Mint 17, commit ef0f49c0 self-built in debug mode.


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Yes, under Windows 8.1 I have no problems.

It seems that under Linux it is crashing when generating a thumbnail for a score, but why is it trying to generate a thumbnail (and of what score?) in the first instance?

[ Don't know if it is related, but it is still related to the thumbnail. It seems that mscore under my Linux Mint loads a score twice when opening: first when I open the selection windows of File->Open, it loads the file when I highlight it in the window by mouse click (and generates the thumbnail) and then it loads it again when I click open. ]

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Yes, this holds true for the case in which I am opening the file. Please note that when a MusicXml file contains not valid code the warning message box appears each time the file is clicked in the browsing window and then again when the file is actually loaded after pressing the "Open" button.

I can't understand why the thumbnail generation seems to be taking place when I launch the New score wizard.


I found what was causing the problem. I usually install mscore in /usr/local folder with administrative privileges, and when I update the self-built I simply overwrite the files.
There were therefore some leftover templates in
/usr/local/share/mscore-2.0//templates/ folder.
In particular, the one causing the crash was an old /usr/local/share/mscore-2.0/templates/Jazz Big Band.mscz

I will file a report for the xml files. The most difficult part is to corrupt a Musicxml enough to display the warning, but not to prevent it from loading :-)

I'm getting the crash in the latest commit (83da36ceb6915b2a532bcc3d5bc934f79b361be9), when creating a new score.

The crash happens in

segment.cpp 726

I did

mscore -F

but I'm still getting it.

(Windows 8, self compiled in Qt Creator + MingW from /master).

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