Cannot import score from 0.9.3 version

• Jan 12, 2010 - 08:58

I post this issue on French forum but I don't get answer. I work with Mandriva 2010.0 and Mscore 0.9.5. I cannot retrieve my old scores built with Mscore 0.9.3. I get and empty sheet, without any error log. I can create new score with 0.9.5 version
Did some body have one idea on this issue ?


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Sorry, I don't known what happen with this download
I could open old score with 0.9.4 after
- delete mscore 0.9.5
- re install mscore 0.9.3
- open files and save it with new name

You can find 3 scores attached
- liberty (built with 0.9.3 and rename)
- majesty (built with 0.9.3 and rename)
- majesté 0.9.3 the same as Majesty but I don't open and rename with 0.9.3 and I cannot read (empty sheet)


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Liberty.mscz 4.25 KB
Majesty.mscz 10.36 KB
Majesty 0.9.3.mscz 10.39 KB

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I opened the three files using the latest nightly build . The first two opened correctly. The last one opened empty.

I unzipped the last file ("Majesty 0.9.3.mscz") and found that the file inside had an encoding problem when it was saved. It is called "MajestΘ - essai 4.msc" instead of "Majesté - essai 4.msc". see attached. The uncompressed file opens correctly.

(Tested using r. 2605, Windows XP)

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MajestΘ - essai 4.msc 271.11 KB

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