Grace notes in the wrong order when playing back

• Dec 7, 2014 - 15:15

Hi guys

I have inserted grace notes after a main note and they appear correctly; however, when playing back, the grace notes sound before the main note.

Suggestions appreciated.



The standard questions apply: which version of MsueScore, what OS, and please post the score you are havuing trouble with and the steps to reproduce the problem.

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There is no MuseScore 2.0 yet, just a Beta 1 and many nightly builds. Looking into the score reveals that you are using Beta 1 (1efc609)...
But even the latest build indeed play that grace note before the note rather than after.
And even a score created from scratch in that latest build play those 'grace after' before the note they are attached to, seems you found a bug....

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Indeed, looking at the code, there is no special playback support for "grace notes after". They are mixed in with the ordinary grace notes.

If/when we fix this, would be nice to also tweak playback of acciaccaturas so they don't come out really slow on long notes and/or slow termpos. Collective length of acciaccaturas is always 12.8% (!) of the length of the main note, but that's way too slow for long notes and/or slow tempos.

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But on the other side, just because tempo gets really fast doesn't mean acciaccaturas would be played any faster. Really, they should be a more-or-less fixed amount of real time, regardless of tempo or note length. So there should be a calculation that first turns this amount of real times (say, 100 milliseconds) into a given number of ticks based on tempo, then converts that tick count into 1/1000's of main note value. Or something like that.

And of course, we need to separate out the grace notes before and after. There are functions provided to get each set individually.

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I have gone ahead and implemented this - making acciaccatura playback speed independent of note length and tempo, so it's always "crushed". Actually, if you crank the tempo up fast enough, or use a short enough note value, any fixed length I choose might end up longer than half the note, so I cap it there. Currently, I'm using a value of 50ms, which I frankly picked out of a hat but it does sound pretty good.

So, grace note length (for acciaccaturas) will be 50ms in most cases, but no more than 50% of the length of the main note.

I have also removed grace notes after from the equation for now - I figure no plyback is better than wrong playback. It should be possible to implement them later.

I'm working on a few other grace-note-related fixes, so I haven't merged this yet; feel free to comment here before I do.

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